Bonded & Insured

Our professional dog handlers walk, train, and run with clients throughout Manhattan. Whether you're in Battery Park, Morningside Heights or the Lower East Side, we can take your pooch out.

As safety is first and foremost to us, we only provide individual walks (unless for siblings or dogs with a similar bond). This allows us to focus exclusively on your dog to ensure he gets the best walk possible. After the walk, we'll send you an email or leave a note with a summary of the walk.

Individual Walks: your dog will be walked by a highly trained and experienced handler and receive her full attention.  From an untrained pulling puppy to an older arthritic dog, we’ll match the program and walker to your dog’s needs.

TrainWalks/Run: private walks/runs combined with training to enhance obedience, attentional states, relaxation, socialization, and target other behaviors. Includes activities such as Frisbee catching, tree-climbing, agility training, obedience, relaxation and reward postponement exercises and builds on behaviors your dog is naturally interested in.

Sensuous Walk: a 1.5- hour walk in Central Park or Riverside Park focused on developing a balanced awareness and enjoyment of sights, sounds, smells, touch, and taste.